Basic Military Canopy Control

Designed Purpose

Training program for MFF graduates, designed to improve skills of landing to the limited unequipped landing zone.

Training program:

  • Theoretical ground school
  • Practice all parts of the jump
  • Individual training jumps upon BMCCC program
  • Training jumps upon BMCCC program within a group

Students will graduate with 30 jumps

Class Size: 6-10 students

Instructor Ratio Per Student: 1:6

BMCCC Course Pre-Requisites:

  • Accomplished MFF training course or foreign equivalent
  • Background experience at least 25 freefall jumps
  • Candidate must pass examination in health to get permission for parachute jumps
  • Candidate’s weight must not exceed 120 kg

Gained Skills:

The graduate will be able to prepare and perform a parachute jump, select and follow the landing pattern in normal and bad weather conditions, daytime and dusk, within a group, to the limited/unequipped landing zone with dimensions 10*10 meters in size.