Accelerated Freefall AFF Training Course

Designed Purpose:

AFF training course for beginners is the fastest way to becoming a qualified skydiver. The graduates get USPA “A” license.

Training Program:

  • Theoretical ground school
  • Practice all parts of the jump
  • Wind tunnel training
  • Basic preliminary training for freefall jumps performing
  • Training jumps upon freefall skills improvement program

Students graduate with 25 jumps

Wind Tunnel Time: 15 minutes

Course Duration:

15 days:

  • 1 day of ground school and wind tunnel training
  • 2 days of timeout for rest and additional training
  • 12 days of jumping

Class Size: 3-12 students

Instructor Ratio Per Student: 2:1

Gained Skills:

Graduate will be able to prepare and perform freefall parachute jump, select and follow the landing pattern in normal weather conditions, at daytime, to prepared landing zone 50*50 meters in size.